I have this need:

Keeping the phone in my trouser's front pocket, it would be better if DJO alarm wouldn't activate screen.

With Android 2.2.2 on my Defy, it was a little problem,
now that I switched to Android 4.2.2 on Sony Xperia ZR this is becoming un-manageable:

If an alarm goes off while phone is in my pocket and, let's say, I'm walking, screen wakes up.
Android 4.2.2 has the horrible lock screen widgets, camera and everything should NOT be in a REAL LOCK-SCREEN.

So, after a DJO alarm goes off, everything can happen in my pocket... pictures are taken, preferences are changed, applications are moved and many other unexpected behavior... and I know by the "click" sound that keeps coming from there...

To avoid this mess I have to: stop walking, carefully extracting phone holding it by its edges (no fingers on screen) and finally dismiss or pospone alarm.

It would be really good if alarm have an option to behave same as sms, keeping the screen off.