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Thread: Alarms not working on iPad

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    Unhappy Alarms not working on iPad

    I have an iPad mini and just updated to iOS7. I have Deja Office v1.5.4 (713) and Companionlink for Palm Desktop version 5.0 (Build 5072). I sync with Palm Desktop by Access version 6.2.2. I cannot get the alams in Deja Cal or Deja Tasks to work. What must I do to get the alarms to sound and show on the iPad screen?

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    Having same problem

    I'm having the exact same problem since doing the ios7 update......
    I'm having this issue on my iPad as well as my iPhone 4S.

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    It's probably the persistence interval issue. Have her try changing it to 1 minute, or just turning off persistence altogether.

    DejaOffice Settings -> Alarm Settings -> Persistent Alarms.

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