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Thread: sync problems with 2.5.4

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    sync problems with 2.5.4

    Am running DejaOffice 2.5.4 and Companion Link for Palm build 5072. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3.

    I sync both ways on my home computer but in my office, I sync one way from the android to the palm desktop.

    Since the upgrade to 2.5.4, many calendar events have been lost on the palm desktop (but not the android) and repeated syncing does not sync them to the Palm Desktop.

    I have also gotten, but not consistently, messages that a connection cannot be made to deja office (on my computer) or that deja office has stopped working (on my android).

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    wakltest, I'm sorry to hear of the problems.

    Release 2.5.4 contained a large number of feature requests, but no fundamental change to Palm Desktop sync. You don't mention your sync method, but sync method is very relevant. With Palm Desktop to Android we offer USB (ADB Mode), USB (Mass Storage), Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, DejaCloud and Secure Hosted Wireless sync. Each of these is a different set of code that may be revant to your issues.

    Please call CompanionLink technical support if you need quick help. They are there from 7am to 4pm on weekdays.

    The CompanionLink PC Software makes a backup of Palm Desktop files. So we can recover the Calendar if we want to. Connection cannot be made sounds like you are using Wi-Fi sync?

    Are the missing Calendar events current (i.e. in October) and are they Recurring? I know that older events will drop out of the sync. Recurring events, like Birthdays, are handled differently than one time events.

    On the PC, you can select "Reread Android on next sync" and this forces a full read of Android. This should show all events.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I am syncing by USB cable (ADB) and have since I started to use DejaCalendar.
    I was going to simply copy my palm desktop files from my home to office machine, but will try the reread Android approach first.
    Saw the other thread about slow calendar syncs and rereading of the calendar data and recurring items, and will examine that issue.

    The crashes during syncing (Deja Office has stopped working) are intermittent and more frequent on my home machine than I thought. I have not been systematic in monitoring, but they seem to be more likely when the calendar app is open and less likely when the memo app is open.

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    continued crashes of DejaOffice

    There have been several threads with reports of crashes of DejaOffice in the latest versions. When I sent my log to support, I received a suggestion to step back to an earlier version from 2.5.5, which I did, but the problem persists.

    There is a suggestion that there is a bug in the program that you are working on, but also that it is triggered by specific events in the calendar.

    Is there any way to identify these events so they can be edited or deleted, short of sending my log to support?


    Samsung Galaxy S3
    DJOffice Build 2.5.4
    Companion Link Build 2072
    Palm Desktop 6.2.2

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