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Thread: Updated to D.J.O. 2.5.4 and get an extra calendar icon

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    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Always a pleasure to use this forum and DJO.

    HTC Desire HD, Android 2.3.5., CL Pro 5 (build 5074), DJO 2.5.5 Palmdesktop V 4.1.4, Windows XP Pro SP3,
    Synchronising Wifi, Synchronising calendar, contacts, tasks and memos.
    Only synchronised DJO contacts with native contacts once with 'read android data'.

    Nexus 7, Android 4.3, not yet installed DJO

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    Lexie, if you haven't already, please remember us in your star rating for DejaOffice. Stars make a difference, and we need the business to keep our development team working.

    The stuff to come will knock your socks of - that is - if you want to handle your schedule without typing ... All voice, all the time.

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