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Thread: Alarms not working on iPhone 4S with new apple ios7

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    Alarms not working on iPhone 4S with new apple ios7

    I have tried everything & the alarms / alerts are not working on my iPhone 4S since iOS update, any suggestions?
    Seems the problem began when I did the latest Apple iOS 7 upgrades. I have all the correct things turned on in my iPhone settings for DJO to be able to sound & vibrate and be notified in the notification area an alert / alarm but none of it works, no sounded alarm / alert, no vibrate, no notification, nothing......
    Any clue?
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    Ladymorgana, My team says:

    > It's probably the persistence interval issue. Have her try changing it to 1 minute, or just turning off persistence altogether.
    > DejaOffice Settings -> Alarm Settings -> Persistent Alarms.

    We have noticed an iOS bug where setting certain persistence values causes alarms not to ring at all. We anticipate Apple will update the OS at some point and persistence values will be fully supported, so we have left the setting in place.

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