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Thread: Introducing DejaVoice and DejaVoice Translate

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    Introducing DejaVoice and DejaVoice Translate

    DejaVoice -

    Voice to Text transcription - Speak it and it will be written. Dictate notes, stories, letters, and lists. Automatic read back mode. Automation to dictate and then correct the text using either touch controls or voice controls. Special spelling correction and correction dictionary system. Text can be stored by Folder and Subject, shared via Email or text, and imported from other "share" sources.

    DejaVoice uses Google's voice engines. Our first version will have capabilities to handle most Google Voice languages from the start. The real difference between DejaVoice and raw Google Voice is the following:

    1. We are designing this for business use, and that means the ability to correct once, or correct continually for words that Google Voice gets wrong. In business, you can't be misspelling your client's name or a key technical term. DejaVoice gives you the tools to get right.

    2. Audio Feedback editing. Be able to dictate while you drive, and hear back and correct text without using any hands. Be able to make an add-hoc note, store it, make another note, email it, make another note and send to someone all without hitting a single button.

    3. Word list, subject list and key phrase storage: Transmit a complete word list or text list to someone else, and they can use DejaVoice as a communication tool. Just tap on the desired phrase to "Say it" remotely. An ideal tool for people who have impaired hearing, speaking or tapping capabilities.

    DejaVoice works best with a microphone, which eliminates the need to have your phone in your face all the time. With Android 4.0 and higher devices, Bluetooth headsets are fully supported for both speaking and listening. Just turn on your headset, start DejaVoice, and start talking.

    DejaVoice Translate is a side-by-side tablet system that will listen and speak in another language. Use it to translate what you say, or tap on a word list to say key phrases. If you have special needs, like dietary or medical needs, you can import a custom field list, and travel knowing that all you need to do is tap the entry you need to translate in writing and audible speech to any supported language. Supports back translation, so the voice response will be rendered in English in the App.

    DejaVoice will be available for Beta Test here, December 2013. Edit: Link below posted in Feb 2014

    DejaVoice will be available for Android January 2014, iPhone February 2014 and rolled into DejaOffice March 2014.Edit: Now April/May respectively

    DejaVoice Translate will be available starting in mid-winter 2014. Edit: April 2014

    We look forward to opening a new way of entering large amounts of text with your mobile device, and in so doing releasing you from being tied to your office computer.

    Wayland Bruns, CTO
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
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    Hi! Any news related to this product?
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    We are getting closer to release. Things are looking good. Here's more info.

    DejaVoice - Android and iPhone, look for release in April 2014. Dictate text in your car or headset, store it by folder and subject. Transcribe meeting notes. Use the TTS engine to play notes. Import (using paste) and export easily. Can be used by speech impaired for spoken communication. Can be used by hearing impaired for captioning text from another speaker.

    DejaTranslate - Android and iPhone, look for release in April 2014. Dictate text and see it instantly in another language, spoken immediately in another language. Same folder, subject, import, export as DejaVoice. Change languages with one tap, takes voice input in another language and shows in your language. 28 language supported; All Western European including Galecian and Basque, Scandinavian, Eastern European, Russian, Afrikaans, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese. Use this like a Mini Berlitz guide, simultaneous translation, language study, hearing and speaking practice.

    Pricing: Both apps will be paid. Probably $5 to $8. Likely that leaving an app review will give a free license.

    In addition, translations are a paid service from Google. It looks like it will be about $1 per 5000 words for translation. We will make the initial 10,000 words free, but after that we need to run a meter to cover the cost.

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