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    Outlook calendar - birthdays


    Ive been using DJO for a while, mostly for contacts and notes. I use Outlook calendars only to track birthdays and I want my phone to remind me of them. I was not synching the calendar previously because DJO 1.5 could not handle recurring events very well. Now, after using 1.6 for a couple of days, I found some interesting issues.

    First of all, I'm using DJO 1.6.3, CLUSB 4006, Outlook 2007, Samsung Spica with Android 2.1. I dont synch with Androids native calendar app.

    All birthdays were loaded in Outlook with the year 2009. I configured CLUSB to look back 800 days so that I could cover 2 full years (is there a smarter way to do it? If I load a birthday from, say, 1980, CLUSB would have to search back 30 years, is it so?).

    Issue 1: After loading just a few birthdays in Outlook and synching, I open DJO calendar in List view and it does not draw the screen completely. DJO only draws the two first records on the screen (on Aug 11th and 12th), even though I had another birthday in the database, on September 17th. After I scroll down a few records, the screen draws normally.

    Issue 2: Outlook shows three birthdays: Allan (5/oct), Lior (12/oct) and Barbara (12/Nov). All were loaded the same way in Outlook (and all have a 15 min alarm). However, even though Allan's shows as a single record in DJO, Lior's shows as two records, spanning two days (the correct date and the day after) and Barbara's also shows as two records spanning two days (the correct date and the day before). I could not find any pattern here to determine the exact nature of the error. My computer and my phone have the same date/time and timezone.

    Issue 3: In DJO's List view, I scroll down until the end. The last record shown is Jose's birthday, on March 17th 2011. However, in Outlook there is another birthday (Eduardo's), by April 25th. If I switch DJO to Month, Week or Day view, Eduardo's birthday is there. But not in List view... I did a test: I changed Eduardo's birthday to April 15th and now it shows in List view. It shows not only Eduardo's but the following ones, on April 26th and 27th.

    My conclusion is that, when events are spread apart too far (over a month), List view cant find the next event. After I populated Outlook with all my friends birthdays, List view works flawlessly.

    Apart from these (minor) issues, DJO works perfectly!

    Hope it helps.
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