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    Voice to txt

    Running PC windows 10 [Outlook 2013] [Companion Link 5] and Nokia Lumia 930 with win 8. [Deja Office]
    1/Is it possible to have voice to txt recognition [button option] when adding a new task/memo/event on the mobile device. [my old android phone had this option.]
    2/ for some reason when sync tasks from PC to Phone the categories list order on the phone is non alphabetical.
    thks for any help.

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    Hello PBW,

    Thank you for contacting DejaOffice. I have not been able to reproduce your issue with the categories list displaying out of alphabetical order. Are you saying that when you tap categories the categories do not display alphabetically there, or that tasks are not sorting alphabetically or something else? As for your voice to text request, I will forward that issue to the appropriate party for further consideration.

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    PBW - On voice to text, we have not engaged the engine on Windows Phone OS. With iPhone and Android we can use Google Voice. But that's not available on Microsoft OS devices. Cortana has a different cost and payment system. I'll look at what is needed for this platform.

    We may get it anyway because we are going to revamp DejaOffice for Windows 10 for the PC/Laptop world. The WP app will benefit from this attention.

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