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Thread: Switching DJO from one phone to another

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJLOMMD View Post
    Thank you, Hook. So, as I understand it, the very first sync I do with the S5 will be to 1)"Wipe all records" and 2)set the days to sync to 730 so I can get 2 years of calendar data initially synced to the S5. Then I should reduce the number of days to perhaps 90 for subsequent syncs? Am I correct that once the data for 2 years is synced to the S5 it will stay there even if I reduce the number of days to sync thereafter? I mean, if I change the setting to 90, will the sync delete all the earlier entries from the phone?
    No need to change the number unless you decide not to use the optimize sync option. Only the first sync will be long. After that, CL just looks for changes. All that old stuff won;t be changing, so it won't slow you down. I think you are right, as long as you don't do a "wipe all Android data before syncing," lowering the number won't get rid of the older stuff you synced (though I've never tested that hypothesis), but there really is no reason to change that number.
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    I seem to have had success, but I had to check DJO's specific notes about SAMSUNG sync-ing. Once I did I realized that I had to use the Direct USB (Mass Storage Mode). And I've had 3 successful syncs with all of my data for the past 3 years intact!

    Thanks again for your support!
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