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Thread: Deja Office for Russian

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    Deja Office for Russian

    Hello, I liked Deja Office, but there is list of things which do not allow to use Deja Office for Russian-speaking people:
    1. Column of letters for quick search (at right of screen) in DejaContacts is always in english. If I have most of contacts with Cyrillic names, i can not use quick search. I want swith to Cyrillic column of letters.
    2. In DejaExpence settings, in Expense Currencies I can not delete (or hide from list) 4 basic currencies. I don`t use , and not going to go Japan. I want edit basic currencies.
    3. All currencies in DejaExpence look like "$ 100" or "BUR 10000". I can not create currency that will look like "10000 BUR".

    If you add Russian localization, it was really great, but without adding capabilities from list above, it does not make sense.

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    Scal, welcome to the forums.

    Our motivation for DejaOffice is to sell sync services to people. We are in the business of helping people synchronize.

    My experience with Russian language is that it invites a lot of piracy, but is not very good for product sales.

    In your view, what software vendors are having success with product or service sales when localized into Russian? I'll look up their web profiles and see if we can find a model that would derive revenue from our effort and support.

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