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Thread: DejaVoice for Android in Google Play store now.

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    DejaVoice for Android in Google Play store now.

    DJVA and DJTA are released.


    DejaVoice is Voice dictation - hands free dictation and editing. Check out the video:

    Today; DejaVoice dictates in English only. This is an oversight we will fix shortly. So if you want to dictate in French or German, please download DejaTranslate.


    For a video please tap on the video link in the Google Play listing. It will amaze you!

    I took first-year french 4 times in my life. Twice in High School, once in College, and once while I was living in Japan. What I would have given for something like this, that can breeze off practice sentences, conjugate verbs and listen patiently to my horrible accent. Aside from Japanese where I'm somewhat conversational, I've also learned a bit of German, Hungarian, and recently a bit of Italian.

    So what this project represents is the voice input system that will be combined with DejaOffice. By making these as separate apps, we've been allowed a play space that is not tied down to Due Dates or Time Zones or Categories or the thousand things in DejaOffice. We've learned how to accept and parse continuous voice feeds using threaded processing, how to push it through SR engines in real time, and how to push it out as TTS from both Android and iPhones. We will retain these apps as separate (and simpler) platforms although this entire engine will soon be part of DejaOffice.

    The iPhone versions are pending Apple approval. So for iPhone users, you have only a week or so to wait for your versions.

    So please give these a try. If you have comments share them. If you like these, please add stars and support us in the app store. Thanks!

    Wayland Bruns, CTO
    April 17, 2014
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