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Thread: 2 x iOS + Exchange = ... DejaCloud?

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    2 x iOS + Exchange = ... DejaCloud?


    I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad Mini with DejaOffice, and I need them to work with each other and with an Exchange server as much as possible (Contacts, Tasks, and Notes/Memos). There is no PC (or Mac), nor Outlook. From my reading, DejaCloud looks like the way to go. I'm ready to buy a 2-year subscription for 2 devices, but I wanted to first ask here if this is a reasonable scenario?

    As there is no PC, CompanionLink is not an option.

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    Which Exchange Server are you synchronizing to? Is that Office 365, A Exchange Host, or a proprietary business Exchange server?

    Currently DejaCloud has a Connector for Office 365. I spoke to the developer this morning about adding a setting to go to any hosted exchange, including business exchange. With some private EAS systems, there are issues with crossing the corporate firewall so it may not work for all cases.

    With this combination, a 2-yr for 2 devices is a good thing to buy. Yes, it is a reasonable scenario and will work well.

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