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    First Impressions

    For the past 13 years or so I have been using a Palm (or equivalent) PDA to help ensure I don't have to rely on my memory. I sync, using USB, my Palm maybe every couple of days to my PC running Palm Desktop (v4.1.4). Whilst still happy with the software, my Palm hardware is showing distinct signs of age and I fear is coming to the end of its useful life.

    The obvious successor to my Palm was some type of smartphone. Given that my Palm had 32MB of memory (20MB available to user) and a 200MHz processor it was evident that a smartphone with 8GB of memory and a 1GHz dual-core processor would have no trouble meeting my requirements.

    For privacy reasons I wanted to be able to sync to my PC without using the 'cloud' and identified that there appeared to be a number of potential solutions to this, including companionlink/dejaoffice, that would work on either Android or Windows Phone.

    Having bought a phone running Windows Phone 8.0 I was amazed to discover that the inbuilt calendar/to-do had no search facility (it never occurred to me to check). After looking at a couple of apps that claimed to address the problem I installed DejaOffice and was immediately impressed. It is still early days (I only installed it a couple of hours ago) but it seems likely that this is the app I will use. However, there appear to be a few problems:
    1. When searching in DejaTasks the note field is not searched.
    2. There is not a search over the whole of DejaOffice (it appears that this facility is available in the Android version).
    3. It is difficult to select the minutes part of the start or end time of an appointment in DejaCalendar (someone complained in another thread about difficulties with the hour part but that seems OK to me - maybe it has been improved). Actually, selecting the minute part has got a little easier with practice, but it is still a bit unreliable.

    I expect to play with DejaOffice some more to explore its facilities before getting to grips with CompanionLink and attempting to transfer my accumulated information.

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    Thanks for your notes. If you need help or have questions, feel free to call tech support (503)243-5200 hours 7am-4pm Pacific Time M-F.

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    Well, three weeks later I am still using DejaOffice and I've paid for CompanionLink, so I guess I must like it.

    However, I am having problems in two main areas: recurring tasks/calendar entries; and searches.

    Problems with recurrence will have to wait for a future post, in this post I'll list some of the search problems.

    Whilst I am pleased that the Note field is searched, it seems that words starting immediately after a carriage return are not found.

    As mentioned in my first post, above, the Note field is not searched.

    The Note field is not searched.
    Only events within a window of perhaps 6-months duration are searched. So, if I want to know when I last stayed in Edinburgh and perform the search when displaying the current date then nothing is found. If, however, I remember it was around the middle of 2005 and go to July 2005 and then search I will find the appropriate entry.

    I think only First Name and Last Name are searched. I would like the search to include addresses, phone numbers and notes.
    If I have a contact whose Last Name is 'Harrington Smythe' then the contact is found if I search for 'Harrington', but not if I search for 'Smythe'.

    Speed of Search:
    The time to search Memos on my Windows Phone is about 4.5s whilst on my old Palm it is less than 1s.

    Despite the above 'complaints', my overall impression of DejaOffice is favourable and I would like to think that if the points I raise are addressed then it could become even more attractive.

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