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Thread: DJOW feature requests

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    DJOW feature requests


    I recently started using DeJaOffice on WP8. I like it, but there could be several improvements that would make it much easier to use.

    - Confirmation of any "delete" action.
    Currently, a delete action (in the calendar and contacts, at least) is executed without confirmation. Since everyone (and certainly me :-) makes small mistakes, this may lead to losing data, without even being aware of that.

    - Default settings for new items (templates)
    When I create a new calendar item, I would usually want an alarm in there, but by default the alarm feature is set to "off". Also I would like a "category" added automatically to it, and I would like a default category to be used for that. Of course, I want to be able to change these default values at the time of creating the calendar item. Currently this is not possible (or I did not find it yet :-)
    It would be even better, if I could create several "templates" (where one of these templates would be the default template) that make it even easier to enter them (e.g. for a work meeting I would have a default category and an alarm time of 10 minutes before the meeting, but for a holiday or other event I may have a different category, and an alarm that is set to 1 or 2 days before the event).
    Of course, I would like these features also for the other items (contacts, tasks, and maybe even notes).

    - Multiple alarms
    For (e.g.) a birthday, it would be great if I could set an alarm a week in advance (e.g. to allow time for buying a pressie), but also one on the day itself (so I can send a text message, or something like that). It would be great if this would be possible.

    - Improve the "week view"
    The week view is OK at the moment, but it shows only a small range of hours per day. It would be great if this range could be expanded to a full working day (e.g. from 8 AM to 6 PM). I realise that the "hour slots" become smaller then, but I don't consider this an issue. My screen (Nokia Lumia 1020) is large enough to accomodate this anyway.
    It would even be better if I could change the default range of visible hours myself in the settings.

    - Entering new calendar items in "week view"
    In the "day view" I can press a certain time, and it will create a new calendar item at the chosen time. I like that feature.
    It would be great if I could also do this in the "week view". The current version sends me to the "day view" when I press a certain time on a certain day. That is not bad, but it is an unnecessary extra step in my opinion.

    - Scrolling through weeks
    The "month view" has arrows that allow scrolling to the next month. That is a nice feature.
    The "week view" does not have this. I noticed that it is possible to move to another week by "swiping" to the left or right. However, this feature is not very reliable, since it sometimes moves to the next week, and sometimes to 2 or 3 weeks further. I cannot control to which week it scrolls.
    It would be great if the "swiping feature" would be improved, to allow for consistent "1 week scrolling" (maybe even improved by visual scroling motion). Also it would be nice if some arrows would be added, just like in the "month view".

    - Improved "alert view"
    When an alert is shown, it shows the title of the calendar entry. It would be great if additional information could be shown. My main concern here is the "location", since I often go to meetings in different rooms. Currently, after dismissing the alert, I still have to go into the calendar item itself to see what the location of the meeting is. That is a waste of time, I think.
    Of course it would be even better if the "alert view" could be customisable (maybe even using templates).

    Maybe, I will think of other improvements, but with these I think DJOW would be a lot more usable for most people.

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    Thanks for the notes. I've noted these in our database to get worked on.

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