I have an HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon (Android 2.1) syncing w/ a PC running Outlook 2007. I just installed Dejaoffice 1.6.4 beta and Companionlink 4.0 build 4008. I am trying out the software and so far I've noticed the following. Is this "normal" or is there a problem?

1) After I installed the software and synced I noticed that I can see all the contacts in the original Droid/HTC contact app People, but when I select a contact and hit Menu, the "Edit" option is missing. The only way to edit a contact is through DejaContacts. I can edit calendar events through DejaCalendar or the Droid/HTC app without any problems.

2) When I use Droid/HTC People app to add a contacts phone # to a Speed Dial, the next time I sync, all the Speed Dials are deleted and left unassigned.