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Thread: Bug: DejaMemo notes field truncated while editing

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    Bug: DejaMemo notes field truncated while editing

    Deja team,

    I've found what appears to be a bug: In DejaMemos, I have some lengthy notes attached to the memos. I can scroll to the bottom on even the longest ones without issue (as far as I've seen), but if I try to edit the memo, the notes field is truncated.

    It appears one can only edit the first 77 rows of text in the memo's notes via DejaMemos.

    To recreate: create an Outlook memo with 100 or so lines of text. I used a counter "Line x" with x as the row number running up to 150 to quickly count the rows to see where it cut off.

    Sync the device. Open the memo, verify you can scroll to the bottom of the 100+ rows in the memo's notes. Now select edit, and scroll down the highlighted notes box. You should find the editing box abruptly cuts off at line 77. You can delete a row in view (e.g. #76) and it will now scroll row 78 up for editing, but again nothing past the 77th row shows.

    I did this once with a row number, and once again with a number and some text, and the result was the same. So I think it is limited by the row number, and not the size/# of characters in the notes field.

    Device is Samsung ATIV S Neo w/ Windows Phone 8.0.

    Thank you,
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    We checked on this. Unfortunately it's a limitation of WP8.

    They only allow notes to be a certain size. We spoof the display, by combining multiple note fields when you view it. However, the change-note logic is limited by the max size allowed in the OS.

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    Thanks DJOCTO; unfortunate but I understand the OS limitation. I appreciate the quick reply.


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