Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but I couldn't see it.

I used ACT heavily until about 7 years ago. Back then I used companionlink to synch with blackberry (and before than with Palm). I now use a Mac & would ideally like to use ACT again (access old contacts, notes & history, use similar ACT functionality going forward). Of course as we all know to our cost, ACT for Mac doesn't exist. I've looked at alternatives but I'm not convinced. (VIP Orbits was the last one I looked at).

I haven't used DejaOffice yet, but I intend to buy an Android smartphone and it seems that DejaOffice for Android might be great for me. I can synch that with google contacts and calendar it seems (or Mac contacts & calendar) but I still won't have the desktop ACT experience on my Mac.

Maybe DejaOffice for Mac is what I need? Do you have any plans to make a Mac version?

How about an online version of DejaOffice that links with google calendar, contacts and gmail? This would effectively be your own cloud CRM app, which (given your long history understanding business CRM needs and ACT users) would probably be perfect.

Or am I missing something?