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Thread: New sync-Sources

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    New sync-Sources

    The possibility to sync with Exchange-Server or GroupDav-Server would be great.
    Frthermore I am missing the possibility to link contacts to a syncing-source. therefore it would be possible to join contacts from all the companies i am working for (Outlook 2003, Outlook 2010, exchange-server and GroupDav-Server) on my android-phone and only sync the referring contacts, dates,... to the belonging companies.

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    Martin1, great idea.

    DejaOffice CRM Live will connect to Google and Office 365. These connectors are automatic. Just set them up and your data is kept in sync.

    We can also connect to any Exchange 2010 or 2013. The mechanics are there. We just need to set up the UI for it.

    We have not created a GroupDAV connector yet, but may do so if we get more requests.

    On Android, download DejaOffice and set up DejaCloud sync. That will keep your data current.

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