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    I found Dejaoffice on my Droid today and had no idea what it was aor where it came from. I spent a little time poking around and discovered it replaced CL USB sync. Then I was pleasantly suprised to see that it had PIM features that have been sorely missing since switching to the Droid. Thank you, Thank you. I can now totaly appreciate the Droid since you have filled the void that had been spoiling my experience. I will be recommending this program to others.

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    Bill, welcome to our forum and thank you for posting.

    Indeed we've been working hard. We have a vision on how Business Software should look on Android and on Droid. We are only partly there, so I'm excited to see that people are pleased with our progress so far. Just wait until we get farther into this project! Much excitement planned.

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    We are all eagerly anticipating the next release to see what new goodies have been bundled in!

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