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Thread: Outlook 2010 closes on sync

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    Outlook 2010 closes on sync

    I have had this issue for awhile, but only now decided to ask about it:

    Running CL: 5090 and DJ:3.1.3... Sync between Outlook 2010 and Android 4.3 between 2 PC and one phone. One PC is on Exchange (Outlook 2007) the other is standalone (Outlook 2010) no exchange server using gmail IMAP.

    I am only syncing Contacts, Calendar and Tasks between them all. I am using the USB cable method as my connection on both PC

    I have had a few sync sessions bomb here and there, but I manage to recover without too much effort

    It seems that every time I initiate a Sync (from the Android), it closes the outlook program. As i stated, this has been happening for a while (multiple CL/DJ iterations). Is this normal behavior?


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    Just to be clear:

    1. Outlook is Open on the PC.
    2. You USB Sync on your device.
    3. Outlook closes on the PC
    4. Sync completes normally.

    For USB, are you using MSM or ADB Mode?

    It should not need to close Outlook. But that is dependent on your PC local configuration.

    What the program does is open the Outlook Object API. What Office does with that command is up to Office. B5090 is pretty much the latest CompanionLink 5 build. Not much has changed here for companionlink 6.

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