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Thread: Lollipop and DJO Android Problems on Nexus 5

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    Lollipop and DJO Android Problems on Nexus 5

    Hi All,

    I just installed Lollipop on my Nexus 5. Now DJO is acting strange. Category colors are randomly appearing next to my tasks. Anyone else seen this problem? This never happened before. Anyone of the DJO developers seen this problem? Let me know if you need more details.



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    We don't have one yet. I'll see if I can get a Nexus 6 tomorrow. I sent your note to developers

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    OK, thanks! If possible, let me know if you see the same problem. Or if someone else reports the problem. Cheers,

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    I forgot to mention, my Nexus 5 is not rooted. Cheers,

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    We now have Lollipop on Nexus 5, and it seems to look fine to me.

    In fact, everything is working great! Go Team.

    I guess we'll need a screen snap.

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    I just checked and my Category colors are still acting strange. The colors appear and disappear when I navigate away and back to a screen. I'll take some pics soon and send. I'm using version 3.1.3.


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    OK, here are the pics. Please look at them in time sequence and read the file names for details. You can see Category colors appearing on the left hand side of the task(s) on the main tasks screen. I did not add these categories. This is just a sample of some of the Category color weirdness I'm seeing. Any ideas? Is there a later version of DJO beyond 3.1.3? Thanks,

    Screenshot_2014-11-25-08-53-25, 1st screenshot.jpgScreenshot_2014-11-25-08-53-52, Went to the Do Soon category list and came back.jpgScreenshot_2014-11-25-08-54-08, Went to the main page and came back.jpgScreenshot_2014-11-25-09-09-46, Went to the Do Today category and came back.jpg

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    Any update on my problems with Category colors? Did the screen shots give you enough info? I can take more if needed. Thanks, Cheers,

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    No problem with catagory colors here. I did do a 'reread cloud' after installing DJO on fresh Lollipop install though.

    Alarms are still not 100% reliable unfortunately, had hope a clean install would fix them

    Samsung Galaxy s7, stock rom 8,0, not-rooted
    DJO 4.4.5 (1069) , CompanionLink 8018
    Outlook 2016 (32bit), sync via DejaCloud (native sync Contacts only)

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    Hello Frans, Thanks for your reply. I don't use DJO cloud; just wifi CL sync to Outlook on my PC. It sounds like you wiped your phone before installing Lollipop? Could you give me a quick step by step on how you upgraded to Lollipop?

    I just did the usual download and install of Lollipop to my Nexus 5. I didn't wipe my phone or re-install any of my apps. It sounds like you reinstalled DJO so I'm curious why you did that? Can you give details? Is your phone rooted?

    Thanks! Cheers,

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