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Thread: Djo folder deleted, restored, doesn't work

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    Djo folder deleted, restored, doesn't work

    I accidentally deleted the clusb folder.
    Then I restored it, and it shows in mnt/sdcard.

    It has 26 kb ,i only had tasks and memos.

    But when I open djo, neither the tasks or the memos show.
    I read in another thread that maybe I should rename the clusb folder, tried it, no success.


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    did you restart phone after restoring clusb ?

    in DJO, Settings, Support there is an option to show the number of items DJO knows it has. Check those numbers
    (if they are ok, you might be hiding items due to some category filter or such)

    Samsung Galaxy s7, stock rom 8,0, not-rooted
    DJO 4.4.17 (1126) - generally up-to-date normal release channel via Playstore , CompanionLink 8030
    Outlook 2016 (32bit), sync via DejaCloud (native sync Contacts only)

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    The file in question is CompanionLink.DB. You can view the raw file using a SQLite viewer.

    To start with, try to back up as many copies as you see. Also look for backup files. Depending on your sync method there are backups.

    If you are here in the US, you can call for tech support (503)243-5200 hours 7-4 Pacific Time on weekdays. Ask for a Sr. Tech to help restore data. Nathan, Dean or Marc will help.

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