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Thread: DejaContacts showing up on Droid Turbo email and Gmail

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    DejaContacts showing up on Droid Turbo email and Gmail

    I never noticed this happening on my old phone, but I now have a new Droid Turbo (specs below) and despite having my DejaOffice database encrypted and passcoded, I notice that when I go to type a new Gmail or other email account on the phone, it presents me with my DJO contacts. This is majorly not ok, especially since I"m supposed to be HIPAA compliant. This is why I have the database encrypted.

    What setting do I need to change or inspect to make this not happen? I only want to see my DejaOffice info when I'm actually in the app.

    EDIT -- I now see that if I search People on the phone, all my DJO contacts show up. They have not synced out to my Gmail contacts on the computer, so it must be a setting on the phone. Please help me fix this.
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