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Thread: Exclude (versus filter) records

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    Exclude (versus filter) records

    Deja team,

    Is it possible to exclude categories from a sync (versus include them with the category filter).

    e.g. Say I have a "Work" category applied to a contact. I can apply a category of Archive and not include Archive in the category filter. However, since Work is still tagged on the contact and "Work" is included in the sync, the contact will still sync. I can remove Work, and it will sync as intended, but Id prefer to not lose the original categorization (or have to create lots of extra categories, e.g. "Work-Archive"). Ideally, Id like to exclude from sync anything with a particular category. Is this possible?


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    Tom, we have a true exclude for "Personal". This is a special case, but it excludes items in the Personal category, and also items marked Private on both sides.

    For your case, where a single record is in both an included and excluded category, it will be included.

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    Thanks DJOCTO...

    In that case, as a work-around, I'll just tag the records as I see fit but move those with the "Archive" category to another pst file--so they won't sync.


    Updated: So I did that and the "Archive" records are no longer showing in Outlook (the calendar, contacts, etc. showing in the active pst that is).

    However, spot checking some, they are still on the phone. Why is that? I've seen this occasionally when I've deleted a record in Outlook, I'd sometimes see it on the phone. In this case, it appears there are lot of these "deleted" records on the phone. The CompanionLink settings are set to "sync both ways," and "records deleted in either Windows Phone or Outlook will be synchronized."
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