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Thread: What happens when reinstalling CompanionLink ?

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    What happens when reinstalling CompanionLink ?


    I am using CL 6.00 with Ms Outlook , Android and synchronizing via DejaCloud. My OS is Windows 7.
    I am intending to reinstall Windows 7 on my PC.

    What will happen with the synchronization between Ms Outlook and Android? (Of course, I will use the same Outlook.pst file )
    Do I have to wipe all records on DejaCloud before the first synchronization?
    And do I have to wipe all records on Android before the first synchronization?

    I am afraid avoiding to wipe all records will result in many duplicate records.

    Thank you for your help.


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    It will all work fine.

    You are moving the PST by hand. It's not a problem. The first sync, CompanionLink will match up the data in the file to the data held in the cloud. No need to wipe.

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    After installing Win,Outlook (and configuring both) and Companion Link on pc, choose Options->ReRead DejaCloud and it should be fine.

    Android app should fine, if needed you can do Options->Sync Options->Deja Cloud->Reread cloud on it but it shouldn't be needed.

    Samsung Galaxy s7, stock rom 8,0, not-rooted
    DJO 4.4.5 (1069) , CompanionLink 8018
    Outlook 2016 (32bit), sync via DejaCloud (native sync Contacts only)

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    Ok. Thank you. I will try it without wiping all records.


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