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Thread: Trying to Populate Android Phone contacts with DJO contacts on LG G2

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    Trying to Populate Android Phone contacts with DJO contacts on LG G2

    I am a former Blackberry user (I know, sympathies from all) with 2300+ business contacts in Outlook. I left Blackberry for a Verizon LG G2. In order to upload my Outlook contacts to the new Android phone, I purchased DJO with Companion Link. However, in order to connect my contacts on the phone to my car, I need to get the contacts on the phone from DJO into the Android "phone app" contacts. I think I have tried everything to get the two databases to link or sync, but I am not getting any of the DJO contacts to show up in the Android contact, which would then populate my car's phone contacts.

    Any suggestions?


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    We may need to know what the "everything" you did was, but start with this because it is simple.

    Go to your native Android contacts app (may be called "people" or "contacts" depending on what version of Android you have). Open the app and click on the menu. Under accounts, see if DejaOffice is listed as one of the Accounts (it should be). Then, on the same menu you started with, click on "Contacts to Display." You should have either Deja Office selected or All contacts selected (if you have contacts in Google that aren't in DejaOffice).

    If DejaOffice doesn't show up in those menus, you probably need to check the "sync with Android contacts" box in DejaOffice sync settings.

    If this doesn't work, tell us what you have tried and more details about your setup (OS versions, etc.)
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    Sadly, I can no longer use CL or DJO as I have replaced Outlook with Thunderbird and Pimlical Desktop. Pimlical, since moving to Java 8 is no longer compatible with Companion Link. I will lurk about just because I am interested. Please let me know if the Pimlical compatibility problem ever changes and thanks to all here for your support and help over the years. This is the best software for synching Outlook to Android.

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    Cappawhite. I hope Hook's Response helped.

    If Contacts are in DejaContacts, then:
    1. Go to DejaOffice Settings, Sync Settings, and check that you are Synchronizing Contacts to Android Database.

    2. As Hook mentioned, go to your Android Contact database, get into settings, and check your Display options. Make sure your database is displayed.

    3. If you ever need to Re-Send all records from DejaContacts to Android Database, then go to DejaOffice Main Menu (Icons) and Long-Press on the "Read Android Data" icon. This will give an option to re-send all data to Native.

    I hope this helps.

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