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Thread: DJO contacts don't sync to Palm desktop

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    DJO contacts don't sync to Palm desktop

    I'm having a problem with the Contact file on my desktop. Somehow or other, all the data disappeared or got corrupted, I don't know. When I do a sync from my Samsung S4, nothing comes across to the desktop. My version of DjOffice is 3.1.3 (651); my version of companion link for Palm desktop and PIM locale is (build 6038).

    For data types to sync, for address book I have it set as "Android to Palm desktop". Under deletion preferences, I have records deleted in either android or Palm desktop will be synchronized checked. My Datebook and Memopad do sync. Any thoughts?

    Lawrence Moss

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    If CL for Palm offers this option (I use Outlook), try checking the option "Reread Android Data on next Sync."
    Sadly, I can no longer use CL or DJO as I have replaced Outlook with Thunderbird and Pimlical Desktop. Pimlical, since moving to Java 8 is no longer compatible with Companion Link. I will lurk about just because I am interested. Please let me know if the Pimlical compatibility problem ever changes and thanks to all here for your support and help over the years. This is the best software for synching Outlook to Android.

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    ljmoss, please call CompanionLink tech support at (503)243-5200 hours 7am-4pm Pacific time on Weekdays. We will be here Friday Dec 26 and Friday Jan 2.

    You didn't mention, but it makes a difference whether you are using Palm Desktop 4.0 or Palm Desktop 6.0. They have entirely different datastores. In both cases, CompanionLink backs up the data automatically so you can restore from backup. Our newer techs won't know about this so ask for a more experienced person.

    I'm guessing you are on Palm Desktop 6, and that the contact file has become corrupt. I think it will be best to restore Palm Desktop contacts. The alternative is to rename the contact file and have palm create a non-corrupt one, and then populate it from Android.

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