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Thread: Problems with Calendar and Alarms

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    Exclamation Problems with Calendar and Alarms

    Hi everybody:
    I have now over several builds (Since 2011) with various setups experienced some issues with Calendar items and reminders as well as Contacts. Hopefully this can finally be addressed. I probably would go away from Deja office, but at the moment, there is no better solution...especially for Tasks and Memos:
    Alarms do not ring at all:
    I had it for some reason, that some alarms where not ringing at all. This seems to have gone away (for now), as I have cleaned out all calendar data and started fresh with a new Calendar data set. This was highly annoying as I use the Calender also as Alarm clock to get up in the morning. (This caused me to be late at work 3 times already...).
    It seems to have happened mostly on re-occurring events. One time events seemed to have not been affected by it.

    Persistent setting not working:
    The persistent setting does not seem to work all the time. This feature is a must for me, since I do not always have the phone with me all the time.
    Since starting with a clean slate last weeks, this seem to be OK (for now), but I haven't had many reminders so far...

    Events ringing in Google Calendar despite setting "Ring in Deja Office"
    This is only happening if there is a default reminder time in Google Calendar setup. For example: I have a default reminder of 40 minutes before event as Pop up set in the Google calendar on the web. This setting is carried over on any newly created event:
    I create an event in Deja office. Going to the synced Google calender now shows a reminder setting 40 minutes before the event, even so I have set the reminder time in Deja office for 0 minutes. This causes the event to also ring in Google Calendar despite the setting "Ring in Deja Office"!
    I can work around this by removing the default setting in Google, but I would like to keep the default reminder time in Google. If I have to remove it, I have to re-create the reminder setting every time I create an event on Google (and since this Calendar is shared with my wife, she tends to forget to set the reminder...I need this for family happiness ;-)

    Alarm sounding 10 minutes early
    This was something weird this morning. I have set the Calendar event for 8:30 with a reminder 0 Minutes before event.
    The reminder however went off 10 minutes early.

    Snooze time no respected
    I have default snooze time set to 10 minutes and persistent reminders set at 5 minutes.
    This morning when I pressed the snooze button, it still sounded after 5 minutes. The persistent sounds seems to have overridden the "Snooze" button which I did press.
    I wish for something like the old Palm had: The first Alarm sound could be set to be different to the subsequent ones. This is very useful: When in a meeting (and having forgotten to silence the phone) the first reminder can be a quiet one. The subsequent ones can be annoying as much as possible so I can hear them in noisy surrounds, phone in pocket or when not very close to the phone.

    Contacts Birthday are not displayed
    I have entered Birthdays for most of my relatives. Most of the Birthdays have been gone in Deja Office.
    I have started fresh with the contacts in Google and Deja office (wiped all contacts) and imported the Contacts fresh via CSV into Google. They synced fine over to Deja office (as far as I can see), BUT: Birthdays are not there in Deja office! They are still in Google Contacts, even on the same phone, but have not carried over to the Deja office contacts...

    Here some tech specifics which might be of interest:
    My phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    Android version 4.4.2
    Deja office version: Build 651
    I am using Deja Office together with Companionlink.
    Companionlink currently syncs to Google directly and the phone syncs also via Google.
    On PC I am using Palm desktop Version (I believe) 4.1 (The one with the Palm database, not the MS Access database in the background)

    Settings in Deja Office:
    Deja office alarms: Ring in Deja Office
    Notification style: Android 4.1
    Play Sound: Ticked
    Snooze time: 10:00
    Snooze notification: Prompt (What is the difference to "Automatic"???)
    Omit ring during meetings: Unticked
    Adjust for incorrect alarm times: Unticked (WHAT IS THIS?)
    Persistent: Ticked
    Interval: 5 minutes

    Sync with Android Contacts App: Ticked
    Synch (<- This is spelled wrong in the settings page!) Deja Office contact categories to Android contact groups: Ticked
    Sync Notes: Ticked
    Synch (<- This is spelled wrong in the settings page!) selected Deja Office contact categories: All Categories

    Sync with Android Calendar app: Ticked
    Sync all Calendar Categories

    Thanks for looking at this (overly long) post and any responses.
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    Why are you using such an old build? I have Deja Office for Android and I am on Build 686.
    Using Outlook 2016 Pro on a desktop PC running Windows 10/64 bit Pro with a Moto X 2015 Pure with 6.0 Marshmellow. Laptop is a 8 GB Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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    I went to the playstore and there was no update (3 days ago).
    Are you using a secret build?
    I usually rather go with an older but stable build (newer is not always better. In fact, once I know a software "runs", I try to avoid updates. Never change a running system...

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    Persitent setting was not working this morning...
    (It was on a repeating Alarm, which I did change)

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    In-house builds can be accessed here:

    Remember you use these at your own risk. I have used many and only once have had a problem requiring an uninstall.

    The latest build 691 has changes to the alarms system, I am trying it out and find it is better on my phone.
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    Motorola Moto G5 Android 8.1.0
    DJO 4.4.11 (1131) Companionlink 7 (7046)
    ACT 16
    USB Sync
    Syncs to Android Contacts App only

    Lenovo Tab 4 8
    DJO 4.4.11(1131)
    Syncs to Android Contacts App only

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    I don't see any file that contains build 691. the file with the date of January 7, 2015 is build 686. Is there another directory?
    Using Outlook 2016 Pro on a desktop PC running Windows 10/64 bit Pro with a Moto X 2015 Pure with 6.0 Marshmellow. Laptop is a 8 GB Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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    Our more official Beta releases are posted under the red button at

    The inhouse working build is at:

    Note: DejaOffice is on a linux server so letter case is specific. In both these cases, browse these links from your phone.

    This will put you in the newest "moving target" release. We have found a lot of changes needed by Android updates, and we are working hard to get a stable system that works on old Android OS as well as the latest.

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    "Snooze notification: Prompt (What is the difference to "Automatic"???)"

    this switches what the 'snooze' button on a 4.1 alarm notification does. 'auto' snoozes for the time dJO thinks you want for that alarm (the one pre-selected in the 2.0 alarms) while 'select' gives you a dropdown to select the snooze time yourself.

    A few help pages on all the settings would be useful yes

    Samsung Galaxy s7, stock rom 8,0, not-rooted
    DJO 4.4.21 (1140) - generally up-to-date normal release channel via Playstore , CompanionLink 8030
    Outlook 2016 (32bit), sync via DejaCloud (native sync Contacts only)

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    On this subject, has there been any recent Android changes impacting SPlanner - Deja interaction. I recently noted that while previously my Outlook calndering was syncing perfectly well via Dejacloud, it now no longer is (although everything shows up fine in Dejaoffice).

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    sifalouz, welcome to the forum.

    No recent changes that we know of to impact SPlanner. Many Android phones get os updates from Samsung, so there may be changes from the Samsung side.

    Are you seeing any problems?

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