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Thread: Repeating events in Intellect don't sync to Deja Office

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    Repeating events in Intellect don't sync to Deja Office

    Hi. I'm on Deja Office v313, Chaos Intellect v4071, and Companion Link v5.

    Repeated calendar events in Intellect do not sync to Deja Office on my Android phone. Does anyone know why?

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    You may want to install the latest builds of DejaOffice and Companionlink and re-test to determine if this issue has been corrected in the newest releases.
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    GW99, welcome to the forum.

    What you describe is exactly the opposite of what should happen. Maybe it is just not working to your expectation.

    Intellect (and T&C) do not use recurring appointments. What they do is when you enter a recurring, it makes single instance appointments according to the pattern. Once made, the appointments are treated like any other.

    So Intellect Recurrings go to DejaOffice, because they are single instance appointments.

    DejaOffice Recurrings only send the first instance to Intellect, because intellect does not have support for the rest of the pattern.

    At least that is how it is supposed to work. Please contact CompanionLink Support at (503)243-5200 hours 7-4pm Pacific Time for more information.

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