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Thread: DejaOffice for Nokia XL

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    Unhappy DejaOffice for Nokia XL

    I've recently set up DejaOffice on my Nokia XL. I've already found out the version of Android used for the Nokia X-series is not standard. For example you cannot add a Google account to the phone.

    Everything works fine except when I try to create a shortcut on my Home Screen nothing happens. Any suggestions?
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    My guess would be that this is probably due to whatever they are using as a launcher. Can you use alternative launchers like Nova, even just to test. Does the present launcher offer shortcuts to other programs?
    Sadly, I can no longer use CL or DJO as I have replaced Outlook with Thunderbird and Pimlical Desktop. Pimlical, since moving to Java 8 is no longer compatible with Companion Link. I will lurk about just because I am interested. Please let me know if the Pimlical compatibility problem ever changes and thanks to all here for your support and help over the years. This is the best software for synching Outlook to Android.

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    No Suggestions. Unfortunately Nokia X uses a branched version of Android. Also Microsoft has sunset the project, so there won't be any more.

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