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Thread: Multidate event - presenation format

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    Multidate event - presenation format

    I have a comment on the way multiday events are shown in the calendar. The comment refers to multiday events that are NOT marked as "All Day".

    Example: An event starts at 8am one day and ends at 4pm 2 days later.

    Now, if you look at this event in the weekly view, the event will be shown with the time information "8am - 4pm" for all three days. Actually the first day it stretches from 8am until midnight, the second day it covers the whole day and the last day it stretches from midnight until 4pm.

    It is a little confusing that the time information for the event does not in some way indicate that the times shown may refer to a day in the past or the future depending on which of the days event you are looking at.

    Maybe (just one suggestion) the first day it should show 8am-24pm, the middle day(s) show "All day" and the last day 0am - 4pm (reference to the event example).

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    erikl - Thanks for the report. This should be fixed in the next release, DejaOffice 1.8.2. For multi-day events we'll explicitly show the start and end dates, so that there's no confusion.

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    Thanks for the reply to this as well as to my provious thread. Awaiting the upcoming releases.

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