Since today events are no more deleted in my Android device.
I am using CL 6 (6042) with DJO 3.2.2 (700) and Android Lollipop with Outlook 2010
I am synchronizing vie DejaCloud.

For example: I add an event in DJO and then I synchronize DJO with Outlook.
After it I delete it in Outlook and Isynchronize via DejaCloud, it is deleted in DejaCloud
but it still remains in DJO.
The same thing happens, if I modify an event - first created in DJO-
The original event will remains in DJO and the modified event will be added in DJO ( again in DejaCloud, there
is only the modified event.
It means that Outlook synchronizes well with DejaCloud but not DejaCloud with DJO

Any help please.

Thank you,