I've happily been using DJO since 2012. Yesterday I updated DJO via Google Play. I also checked my Companion Link and updated it as well. The only problem I seemed to have was when I opened a calendar event using a template. Each and every time I tried I would get the message "Unfortunately, Deja Office has stopped." It was a bit unsettling and I couldn't find anything on the website. I was going to revert to an earlier version but I decided to try some changes myself.

Apparently there is something about the templates that makes it necessary to open each one and make some change to one of the fields, e.g., the time, category, etc. Then when you go to open an event with a template it seems to work fine. I tested this by making a change to one of my templates, checking that the calendar opened as before and then trying another template which I had not changed. Sure enough, I got the stopped message once again. Now each of my templates has been changed and saved(?) in the new update and all seems to work fine.

I hope this of some use to someone who has a similar problem.