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Thread: Save settings only?

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    Save settings only?

    Does anyone know how to wipe everything on the Android and only save the settings, like the fonts settings, sizes, etc?

    As Deja has worked fine for me, but recently has been acting up.
    Now everything works EXCEPT Android-Calendar appointments entered on the Android. Every other function works, and these appts seem to show up as blank.
    I have no idea what went wrong.

    I figure doing total re-installs is the only way, but I want to save my settings.
    Are they part of the database, or separate?

    I had to downgrade Deja a couple of versions to what used to work for me, as the current one just eats up the entire tablet, doesn't work at all, too much stuff going on.

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    I tried reinstalling Companionlink too, and when re-installing I noticed it had saved my previous settings. How to I get rid of the saved settings in Companionlink? Are they in the registry?

    My Android->Outlook calendar settings are not working anymore, but everything else works going both ways.
    I even repaired Outlook.

    I don't want to just delete DejaOffice due to all of my custom settings!
    But clearly something is corrupted somewhere.
    The same problem occurs with Bluetooth and USB sync.

    So I want to try and save only my custom setting from Deja, how can I do this?
    Then I could just delete everything, but keep my Deja settings.

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    I am wondering if its an Outlook permission thing?
    Before Companionlink would shut Outlook down automatically, and sometimes would as for "permission" to access.
    Now none of that happens.
    And the only thing not happening is Android-Outlook Calendar.

    I can't figure out why it stopped working.

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    The outlook permission went away because we changed the code to make it go away.

    If calendar is not synchronizing, it's probably a bug. please contact tech support for help: support@dejaoffice.com

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