Hello. I just updated to DejaOffice 3.2.6 (714) on my Motorola Droid MAXX and am having some trouble with the selection of Categories. First, in order to change from one displayed category to another, I must first uncheck the old category and then check the new category. This, coupled with the fact that the select/unselect all and OK buttons at the bottom of the list which both take up a bunch of space that could be used to display more categories on a page, is an extremely cumbersome way to change from one category to another. Please either go back to the older and sleeker category selection method or at least give us the option to select the new or the old interface in the settings. My single most-used feature in DejaContacts has been ruined here...a few years back I changed how I categorized all of my Outlook contacts just so that I could use your old way to select categories very quickly and easily with the old interface.

Then, after I have gone through the cumbersome category selection method, DejaContacts does not refresh the display to the new category. The new category name and color shows at the top of the list, but all of the contacts are from the old category. I must exit and re-enter DejaContacts in order to see the contacts that belong to the new category that I need displayed.

So, I would ask that you please fix the category selection process in DejaContacts.