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Thread: How drag'n'drop Tasks to Calendar?

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    Lightbulb How drag'n'drop Tasks to Calendar?

    I'm using in Outlook feature: drag'n'drop task to calendar. It is very useful! But I can't do this in DejaOffice.
    Does it have this feature?
    If not, can You add it to next version of DejaOffice?

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    Drag and drop is not really a phone thing... Handling the screen swaps while dragging isn't viable.

    However, we've made it so you can copy and paste.

    In DejaTasks, select the task (long press) and click on "Copy".

    Then go to Calendar, and Click "Paste".

    This will make a calendar event using the Task info. You can go the other way also, copy an event to make a task.

    From Contacts, you can select "Make Task", and "Make Event" to move Contact information to a new Task or Event.

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