I have a task series for a special backup: Every 2nd monday, start and due date is the same day, alarm on that day at 16:00.

This series exists since several month. In the past I had the problem, that on completing the current task, the next instance has an old alarm day

(see http://www.dejaoffice.com/forums/sho...g-current-task).

Now I recognized the following: Completing the current task let DO create a new instance in two weeks. The dates are correct (luckily). BUT the completed task shows on it's EDIT screen: start + due 2015-04-21 (correct) and alarm checked (!) on 2015-04-06 (!!!), so the alarm date of the task before the current task ... ?!?

I see, that there are still bugs in the calculation of the alarm date/times and I'm afraid, I can't rely on DO, but have to double check if new instanced are set with the correct dates and check still open tasks / appointments for their alarm time AND if alarm is really set in alarm sub app. (Yesterday I nearly missed a task, because there was no alarm at the time I set. When opening the task (!), the alarm window opened (very useful .. :-( ). I snoozed the alarm but still no entry in the alarm sub-app. When opening the task, the alarm window popped up again with the old alarm time ...)