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Thread: Deja Officr not working after ios 8 update

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    Deja Officr not working after ios 8 update

    We test drove the Deja Office app for 8 days and liked it so much we decided to purchase it. Unfortunately we updated the ios on both our iPads and iPhones within minutes of purchasing the full version of Deja Office Companion Link

    Now the sync function will not work at all so we are back to square one with something that doesn't work.

    Is there a simple fix for this?

    Many thanks, Sue

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    I'm so sorry for the problems. In iOS 8.3 Apple has removed the USB access. We are working for a solution, but for now you'll need to use Wi-Fi sync.


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    Thanks for your response. WiFi sync worked, I'm hopeful that the USB problem will be fixed.

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