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Thread: Task list sorting by Last modified date

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    Lightbulb Task list sorting by Last modified date

    It would be great to be able to sort the Task list by Last modified date.

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    Yeah, really, it would be very handy.
    It would only take one more row in the dropdown list.
    And I suppose it wouldn’t take that much programming to implement it.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Yes, actually I have an opinion on it:
    It would be awesome!
    Very handy feature, indeed.

    It would be very useful, because if you had modified something, and later in the day want to add some more info to the Notes field, you would be able to easily find your Task even if you don’t remember the Subject, or just simply want to find it the quickest way possible.

    For that matter, this sort method could be implemented for all type of data: Contacts, Task etc.

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    Still missing this feature badly.

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    Lightbulb Merry Christmas

    Itís so gratifying to see this healthy conversation about this feature request.
    Good to see the many useful and constructive comments about it.

    I hope that this inspiring exchange of ideas will spark the deep desire in the developers to implement this idea.

    Best wishes,
    Merry Christmas

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    I will see it when it will become part of the public build and will be updated on my phone automatically.
    Wish you Happy New Year!

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