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Thread: Color categories not syncing to iPad air2

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    Color categories not syncing to iPad air2

    Trying to sync categories for my 2500 act contacts without success on my new iPad air2. I've had no problems with my older ipad2 and iPod touch. I tried everything I could think of.

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    ACT! is always a bit funny because it does not have Calendar or To-do categories, and Contact categories don't have colors.

    What sync method are you using? DejaCloud sync will grab the colors from DejaCloud. But Wi-Fi and US will not, because colors are not stored in ACT!

    Traditionally, with ACT!, a Meeting, Call or Todo is assigned to a Contact, and we use the Contact category as the Meeting Category.

    Recently in CompanionLink 6, if you override a Category on your device, it does NOT revert back when synchronizing to ACT! We can't set a Meeting category in ACT! because it doesn't exist, but it is now possible to have a meeting that is in one category on the device even though the ACT! contact belongs to a different category.

    I hope this information helps. For further details, please share your sync method.

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