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Thread: Build 744 Alarms for Reoccurring Tasks not continuing, Date of Alarm days ahead...

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    Exclamation Build 744 Alarms for Reoccurring Tasks not continuing, Date of Alarm days ahead...

    Lately I got a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Mega with Android v.4.4.2. I have been synchronizing Outlook 2007 SP3 Windows XP SP3 using CompanionLink 6.0 (6042). (The only thing that changed was the phone, it was Android before also.)

    I'm using Tablet mode for Horiz & Vertical. I am NOT using "adjust for incorrect alarm times" because I was previously using it & the alarms weren't working well, so i figured that option wasn't helping, so i turned it off.

    I mainly use Recurring Tasks & the Today view. I mainly handle tasks within DejaOffice on my cell phone. (I usually only use Outlook for synchronization & viewing/searching.)

    1) It seems the problems have been getting much worse with Alarms not continuing the next day for Recurring Tasks.

    2) Frequently, the alarm doesn't go off when i expect it to, so I edit the task & see the Date for the alarm is one day ahead/after the current date of the task.

    3) Inconsistently, I starting seeing a new option for responding to the Alarm - "Complete". I had been only using "Dismiss" before & still only use that.

    4) Also, the "Dismiss" option isn't always available when I pull down the phone screen to see the list of notifications. I often have to press on the task so that the task opens up, & only then can I press "Dismiss" or "Snooze".

    5) Editing tasks: Inconsistently, it prompts me to Edit This Instance, All Instances or Cancel for recurring tasks.

    6) Tasks get alarms that didn't have alarms previously.

    7) The next day after I orig posted this question - the alarms are nearly all not working. I have to manually add the alarm for the recurring event after I Dismiss the alarm.

    8) Some alarms don't show up in the Notifications area of the cell phone, I only see the alarm when I press on the task wondering what happened to the alarm.

    I've been using DejaOffice for a couple of years now so I've been pretty settled in with how it works & have been relatively happy with its synchronization until now.

    I run Scan PST.exe once in a while on Outlook in hopes to keep synchronization running smoothly.

    Any ideas on what to do or when a fix will come out for this? Should I start logging or do you know already about this issue? Thanks!!!

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    Thanks for you post here. We are currently looking into this issue. We may want to start a support ticket for these specific problems so I'll send you a PM so we can start a support ticket for you.

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