I've been using an iPod Touch for a number of years. When I first bought it, I started backing it up regularly, using CompanionLink, to Palm Desktop on my desktop computer running Windows XP. Since then I've had to replace my desktop and I'm now using Windows 7. Since I installed this desktop I'm afraid I've gotten out of the habit of backing up the iPod, and it (the iPod Touch) has logged a few years. I'd like to replace the battery before it wears out, and of course I'm concerned about losing the data on the device -- I have a good number of apps. Also since I started using the iPod, the Cloud has become very popular as backup storage, and I'm not sure how best to use it -- or even whether I should -- and new backup procedures may have been developed that I'm not aware of, either available directly in Deja Office or not.
In summary, I want to back up everything on my iPod Touch, including of course the data which is used by each app, and to see the backed-up data so I can be sure it's all there. Can someone give me some up-to-date guidelines on how to go about this? I wouldn't complain about buying another app if it would be helpful. Thanks.