Such a frustrating program. Set appointments in Act, by the time reaches iphone DeJa calendar. They will show on more then one date. Rons bday, Oct 1st. Not unusual to show up 1st, 15th, 30th, (or any date) and shows up on same date 2 or 3 times. Just looked at iphone and Halloween was showing on Oct 1st. "what"?? Crazy how many of the orig appointment are on additional dates. As far as doubles and triples, only thing to do is sit on the couch and delete, which I have become very accustom to doing.

Funny thing, all appts may look great in at any given sync on one of the calendars, but go crazy on the other. Not even consistent which calendar or both.

Have spent hours, with support $$$ each rep with a different fix, Works for a while then all the calendars go crazy after couple days of syncing and adding appts.

The program is only dependable, when I keep double checking both desktop and iphone, Have missed appts, because of not syncing to one or the other. And cost me $$$

Nice program when its works, but don't depend on it, without occasionally rechecking your desktop and iphone appointments

Have lived with this long enough, had enough support take over computer, have read enough posts to know that this is just what you put up with.

Spending another frustrating Sat moring, deleting the mistakes on Deja calendar, apple calendar. and desk top.