I am syncing my mobile daily with my main PC and occasionally with my second PC.
Main syncing normally runs smooth. I don't know if its since 7012 or 7010, but I've seen some calendar entries being deleted from the device while still available in OL. Today I closed the alarm for an entry in OL, then synced and the entry was completely gone from the device.

What does not work at all is syncing to my second PC. Because I did a lot of changes on the first PC and the last sync was some time ago, I deleted everything in OL on my second PC to get fresh data from the Android device which just got afresh data from PC1. I usually don't have changes on the second PC, so I have CL set for one-way from Android to OL. As already mentioned, the device has been wiped and loaded with fresh data from the first PC and then synced one-way to the second PC.

You would believe that this is a no-brainer and you'd get a copy of all the data from Android to OL, do you?
Nope - surprisingly not!

Remember the calendar entry I wrote about some lines ago that has been wiped from the device? What a surprise - it appears in OL! How is that possible?

Birthday calendar entries, categories and alarms is still a no-go - I don't remember for how long this is a on-going issue with DJO and CL!
On PC 1 and the device all entries are the same: Category BDay, no alarm, recurring.
After syncing to PC2, I have it in all varieties. Some have a category, some don't. Others have an alarm, some don't. There are even persons that now have birthday twice on the same day.

Really guys, I love your DJO and CL software.
However, somehow I am losing the trust that you ever will get that sorted. I know it's not easy - I am working as firmware (in C) and STB software developer (C++ / Qt) for over 15 years now. So, I kinda know what I am talking about.

You have the advantage that there is no other product on the market that has the same feature set. To be honest, if there were, you would need to go over the books quickly or you'd be losing your base, your customers.