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Thread: Support for DejaOffice Windows 8/10

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    Support for DejaOffice Windows 8/10

    Would it be possible to ahve a heading/thread for Dejaoffice installed on Windows8 and/or 10?
    I have just downloaded and installed it and it would be great if there were any support/help available.

    I suppose new versions will be installed automatically on Windows 8/10.

    Any plans to flesh out this version ?
    Thanks for your input
    PC: Windows 10, 64 bit
    CompanionLink Express Ver 8 build # 8042
    Samsung S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (SM-T813) -> Android 7
    Samsung Galaxy J5 Dual SIM (Android 7.1.1)
    Samsung Note 8 (Android 9; One UI Version 1.0))
    Android DJO Version: 4.4.26 (1171)
    DPC Build 1164
    Sync Method to DejaCloud for now
    DJO Sync Settings for Contacts: Currently not selected
    DJO Sync Settings for Calendar: Currently not selected
    DJO Sync Settings for Tasks: Both ways

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    We'll be focusing on this during fall 2015. I have it on my Windows 10, but it looks hokey and doesn't make a good use of real estate. What I want it to be is like ACT! 6. It does work, and it runs faster than lightning. So it's just a UI adjustment to maximize the real estate and make it look pretty on a large screen.

    Look for some new Windows 10 specific updates from October through December 2015.

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