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Thread: Error "waiting for PC data"

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    Error "waiting for PC data"

    I open companionlink on PC, Dejaoffice on iPhone 5, but then just get "waiting for PC Data" for 10-20 minutes on the phone. PC says "no device detected". Help. And when i dont get the "no device"error, PC asks me to start synch from the device, whihc still has the "waiting for PC data" error.
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    Hello mschirnig,

    Thank you for contacting DejaOffice. Have you installed the most current version of iTunes? iTunes installs a special driver that CompanionLink needs in order to sync via USB. It only needs to be installed once and you can immediately uninstall iTunes after the initial installation if you wish. Please be sure you have installed the most recent version of iTunes, then try starting a new sync from DejaOffice. Please let us know if this does not resolve your issue.

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