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Thread: Android Wear?

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    Android Wear?

    I suspect the answer to this question is about how best to use your resources given market share, but was wondering if there were any plans to make Deja Office data such as calendar notifications available to Android Smartwatches?

    Would not surprise me to know that the answer is no because it's a low priority on the developmental wish list. I think it's still a ways off before smartwatches are mass market and more than just a geeky experiment, but I am thinking of trying one out in the future.

    Then again, maybe you figured out how to do this ages ago and I just don't know about it. Do smartwatch apps let you select apps for notifications?
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    Sadly, I can no longer use CL or DJO as I have replaced Outlook with Thunderbird and Pimlical Desktop. Pimlical, since moving to Java 8 is no longer compatible with Companion Link. I will lurk about just because I am interested. Please let me know if the Pimlical compatibility problem ever changes and thanks to all here for your support and help over the years. This is the best software for synching Outlook to Android.


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