Yesterday after synching there were zero contacts in DejaOffice. And an error message appeared stating the SD card was unavailable even though the CLUSB folder is in the phone's internal storage. And an error stating to turn off the category picker something even though I selected all categories in the setup. I've re-installed DejaOffice a few times since then using CompanionLink to try to sync contacts back into DejaOffice and also telling DejaOffice to use a backup file when it asks. Using the backup works OK until I try to sync with CompanionLink and the ACT database. Then all the records are missing again. The actual phone syncing process I've noticed takes less than a second. In the past it took a few seconds to process the records on the phone.
Is this a CompanionLink issue or DJOA issue? Thanks for your assistance.

DJOA 3.2.16
CompanionLink 5098
ACT! 2010 v12
LG G3 stock (not rooted)