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Thread: Bugs in your cloud website?

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    Bugs in your cloud website?

    I am a software programmer/ systems analyst with over 30 years experience. I think I found bugs:

    1) I have a contact in Outlook 2013 called:
    call #646 (for mins 2015 verizon) as shown:
    However, after I sync to Deja Cloud, the only record I found stored partial information!! It did not store the words "for mins 2015 verizon". It only stored call #646 in the name field. Why is that?

    2) I would like to know if all my contacts are stored in DejaCloud and accessible via:

    3) I tried to sort my contacts listed on
    by first name your website displays blanks

    I tried to sort by other options same blanks for contacts. Why is that?

    4) I tried to search for the contact on your "" with the word min, but got a blank report. Why is that?

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    I replied to this in the other thread.

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