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Thread: All Categories of my Outlook Calendar appointments have been deleted [GRRRR]

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    All Categories of my Outlook Calendar appointments have been deleted [GRRRR]


    Message Deja developers: I am extremely upset with you because Deja has deleted all the Categories of my Outlook Calendar.
    My setup: Outlook2013/Windows 8.1 - Companion Link (just installed) - DejaOffice on Android 5.0 on Samsung Note 3

    There is no absolutely excuse for this. I did not ask for anything to be over-written or deleted. Outlook is my main database. Luckily the Categories of my Contacts do not seem to have been affected.

    - Anyone else have this problem?


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    Dear j, I'm sorry to hear you lost data. My first guess is that you have maybe involved Google sync by setting sync from PC to DejaOffice to Native Calendar to Google. Google doesn't have categories.

    In any case, Technical Support for the Sync product is done through CompanionLink (503)243-5200 Hours 7am-3:30pm Mon-Fri.

    Support hold times have been long this week, we have a couple techs out ill. To avoid the holding can you send me an email and I'll route you through quickly to a premium tech. Send to wayland@companionlink.com. Thanks.

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